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This website and it's content is protected by copyright and distributed under licenses restricting copying, distribution and decompilation.

If you steal any of this website's content or ideas and redistribute them as your own, we will take legal action.

All ideas and drawings on this site are created and owned by It is illegal to reproduce, copy or sell these graphics.

All images and graphic artwork displayed on this website and products, are original artwork drawn by Pavel Lubanski. None of these images have been stolen off the internet or otherwise. Pavel illustrates them using a program called Macromedia Flash 8 and uses the mouse to draw these images (not the tablet pen). All images are then transferred into Photoshop CS5 to become print ready files for the merchandise.

All ideas are searched and Googled before they are created, to make sure that they are original ideas. Below are links to screenshots taken in December of 2015 proving that all content is original.

Special thanks to the following for pitching ideas and offering feedback the ideas and illustrations;

Riccardo Petrella, Andrea Yeung, Kayla D'Angelo, Paolo Calarco, Marek Lubanski, Mary Rose, Paul Enright, Jason Van Dieen, Roberto Bonano, Titus Meisenheimer, Mike Lorelli, Amanda Bellefueille, Chelsea Felker, Kelsey Ottenhoff, Nick Renaud, Melissa Renaud, Jennifer Harvey, Anthony Mariano