Bits N' Bites

8-Days of Going Nutty!

- Have a bag of almonds or preferred nuts readily available.
- Grab a handful of these instead of an unhealthy snack whenever your tummy is rumbling and grumbling!
- Try to kick your craving for junk food with these nutty alternatives for 8 days and if you feel better, you'll earn your Nutty Badge!

8-Days of Hydrating N' Vibrating!

- Have you ever Googled your recommended daily water intake?
- For 8 days try to drink what your daily intake suggests, and let us know if you feel refreshed!
You'll then earn your Dedicated to Being Hydrated sticker!

8-Days of Wakin' n' Protein Shakin'!

- Have a protein shake every morning for 8 days.
- See if this curves your appetite for the rest of the day!
- Do so and earn your Wakin' n' Shakin' ribbon.

8-Days of Neato Keto!

- Have you ever read up on the Keto diet?
- We don't encourage it long-term, however if you tried to cut out carbs, sugars and juice for 8 days, let us know how you feel! Mightier?
- Complete and earn your Neat Meat sheet!


Why PizzaGym?

PizzaGym makes the effort to put our customer's comfort and strength first! We're the exclusive brand that welcomes everybody and every body :)

Where have you seen us?

Are we a physical gym? No... not yet! So for now, you'll find our community and brand online, on social media and on clothing being worn in actual gyms.

Who have we supported?

We donated all profits to the Ottawa Food Bank during the pandemic in 2020.


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