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About Us

We like pizza and we like gym!

I'm gonna spice up this page soon! Just shopping for the spices now ;)

Here are some details about us in the meantime;

  • We are a clothing line of fun delicious foods that like to exercise and live a happy balanced lifestyle.
  • We sell muscle shirts, tank tops, t-shirts, tote bags and pictures to hang up on your walls.
  • We are located in Ottawa, Ontario, North America!
  • We've been in business for 5 months and a bit and going strong!
  • This site was launched on December 24th.
  • This site is operated by me, Pavel Lubanski, an artist who likes drawing happy, silly, random things.
  • You can reach out to me via email at
  • Twitter: @PizzaGym Instagram: #Pizza_Gym

I'll post more info soon! This is just a little breakdown!