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How It All Started!


I was at the gym noticing that everyone was wearing plain shirts and I had always wanted to start my own gym clothing brand. I used to come up with goofy gym slogans and drawing ideas for common gym jargon, but I never put my thoughts into motion. I wanted to create something that would stand out, but make people laugh, put a smile on their faces, a fun idea!

While sitting on the quad machine, staring down at my bloated stomach after a day of drinking beer, eating pizza and taco's, the thought came to me. Why not combine the junk food that people crave with workouts? My roommates and I had always lived by, "deserve the food you desire". We work hard during the week, eat pretty healthy, go to the gym and then go all out on the weekends.. whether that be partying, eating at an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet or ordering a big sexy pizza with extra everything!

Being Polish, the first thought that came to my mind for this idea was pierogies, (which is the proper spelling by the way). What exercise or routine starts with 'P'? Ah ha, Pilates! I visualized a bunch of little pierogies doing stretches and starting laughing to myself like a goof, sitting there on the leg machine. I thought it'd be funny and cute to see comfort food as characters doing workouts, plastered onto tank tops and muscle shirts. My mind started flowing and I started jotting ideas into my cellphone; cookies and curls, pizza and push-ups, lasagna and lunges.

As of now I have a friggin' plethora of drawings to do, so expect to see them soon! If you sign up for my newsletter I'll email you upcoming products and designs as well.

Please comment below with any feedback you have about this fresh new idea. It's as fresh as a nice pizza straight out the oven and I hope to continue creating slices of ideas until I build an entire gym run by pizzas!

  • Pavel Lubanski
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