What's PizzaGym?


PizzaGym is a clothing brand and culture.

Our community encourages earning your comfort and strength.

To earn comfort, you need to put yourself through some sort of discomfort. Trying to achieve something can be draining, however the results are rewarding!

To earn strength, you need to address weaknesses. Having awareness of areas in need of improvement, is key!

PizzaGym is the perfect oxymoron, and it teaches us to earn what you desire :)


Where To Find Us?

We've been around since 2015, so our community is scattered all over! You might walk into the gym and see someone with a PizzaGym shirt, maybe out and about, or see a post online :)

We all keep in touch via social media platforms, mainly; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok.

PizzaGym gathers all of the content on this website, so you can always find everything here!


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1. You can join our community by engaging via social media!

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3. You can become a customer and try out a fresh product!

4. You can become an influencer and help spread the movement!

5. You can find a career with us!

Our Community! #PizzaGym


Why PizzaGym?

We're the exclusive brand that welcomes everybody! We make the effort to put our customer's comfort and strength first!

Where have you seen us?

Are we a physical gym? No... not yet! So for now, you'll find our community online and being worn in other physical gyms.

Who have we supported?

We donated all profits to the Ottawa Food Bank during coronavrius in 2020. We also sponsored the Bloody Horror International Film Festival in 2016.


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