What is Pizza Gym?



We sell tanks, tank tops, shirts, tote bags, posters and much more! So, show off your favourite foods and exercises in a cute, hilarious way. Put a smile on yourself and others that see you rocking out in our Pizza Gym wear! You will also help spread our message by doing this and we'll reward you with discount codes and pizza! You can also comment on our blogs, leave reviews on our products and communicate with others who share similar interests.

We encourage you to keep in touch with us via social media, so follow us on Instagram or hit us up on Twitter and Pinterest!


Pizza Gym already has a large cult following. Local physiotherapy clinics, gyms, pubs and restaurants are putting up our artwork on their walls. We'd love for you to be a part of this fun idea :)

You may have seen our spokesperson Kylie the Smiley. He was the first member at Pizza Gym and is here to show you around. If you want to train and hang with us, you'll need to get some gear!

Follow Kylie and he'll get you started. Click here 


Why PizzaGym?

We're the exclusive brand that welcomes everybody! We make the effort to put our customer's comfort and strength first!

Where have you seen us?

Are we a physical gym? No... not yet! So for now, you'll find our community online and being worn in other physical gyms.

Who have we supported?

We donated all profits to the Ottawa Food Bank during coronavrius in 2020. We also sponsored the Bloody Horror International Film Festival in 2016.


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