Pro Physio Capital Sport Medicine Centre

Pro Phsyio Capital Sport Medicine Centre located in Downtown Ottawa on O'Connor street, has put up framed pictures of our more popular dynamic duo's.

We have built a special bond with them and are trying to bring happiness and laughter to their clients. What's worse than straining a muscle or tearing a legiment and having to look at boring images of inside out people or blank walls? We want to distract them, get their minds off their injury and get them in high spirits and laughing again... because you know what they say, laughter is the best medicine ;)

A huge shout out goes to one of the staff members at the Pro Physio Centre, Andrea Yeung, who actually came up with the Tater Squats idea. Thanks Andrea! <3


Why PizzaGym?

We're the exclusive brand that welcomes everybody! We make the effort to put our customer's comfort and strength first!

Where have you seen us?

Are we a physical gym? No... not yet! So for now, you'll find our community online and being worn in other physical gyms.

Who have we supported?

We donated all profits to the Ottawa Food Bank during coronavrius in 2020. We also sponsored the Bloody Horror International Film Festival in 2016.


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