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Welcome to 100% original designs available through pre-order only. Be a part of history in the making. This fresh tank is available before we even re-launch our business.

You just couldn't wait any longer.

You asked and we delivered. While we are not ready to do our full launch with our limited time offer designs, we wanted to give you the chance to grab some gear before we launch.


We are able to offer you free shipping in the USA and Canada, our home and loved nation.


If we don't ship in April, you get your money back. We're gunna ship. This is the "just in case" clause for you.


We ship every tank ourselves. You're not paying for overpriced, dry-fit from overseas here


As with the rest of our designs, this will be available for pre-order only. Then it's gone and we're onto the next one.

More Original Designs Coming

Each Month we will be releasing designs available for a short period of time.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Did you make a mistake with your order? Something doesn't feel right? We are human too and we totally get it. Contact us so we can sort it out together.

Our Mission

We hope that every time you see a Pizza Gym shirt in your gym that you are reminded you are here for fun. The gym is a good time and we are fortunate that we get to afford ourselves time in the day for self love and chasing a pump.


Pamela Aguilar  -  2 JUN 2016,

"Without a doubt, the most fun shirt in my closet. Everyone asks where I got it from and I'm glad I found this up and coming business."

Grace Cole - 9 MAR 2019

"I knew about Pizza Gym back when they first started. It's great to hear that they are launching again. I feel like we need a player in this industry that has fun gym wear instead of all the serious dry fit brands out there."

Betty Rivera  -  15 JAN 2019

"Please bring back the Cookies and Curls tank. I lost mine and was heartbroken when I saw your store wasn't live."


Email lists - Forget about it. We'll grab that from you after you but your new, fun shirt from us. For now, get to know us on our Instagram page.