Culture Advocate

Culture Advocate - Remote 




Work from home and help encourage others to earn their comfort and strength.

Engage on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and our website.



If we do hire salary, you'll be first in line for an interview!

We randomly give out free products, mega discounts and NFTs.


How to Apply;

To become labelled a PizzaGym Culture Advocate on our website and LinkedIn and be rewarded in perks, follow the below steps;

  1. Make people aware of your new mission. Update your social media bio's to mention PizzaGym Culture Advocate and earning Comfort & Strength.
  2. Share any of our blogs, articles, mottos, website pages or products that you believe in!
  3. Continue learning PizzaGym's core values and absorbing our ecosystem like a sponge <3
  4. Make us aware of your journey once your metrics seem successful :)
  5. We'll collaborate on fun ideas and projects to help encourage our message!

Mary bought PizzaGym shirts for the neighbourhood kids and handed them out as gifts.

She wears a PizzaGym shirt to work on busy days and continues to share Facebook posts about us on her free time!


Why PizzaGym?

We're the exclusive brand that welcomes everybody! We make the effort to put our customer's comfort and strength first!

Where have you seen us?

Are we a physical gym? No... not yet! So for now, you'll find our community online and being worn in other physical gyms.

Who have we supported?

We donated all profits to the Ottawa Food Bank during coronavrius in 2020. We also sponsored the Bloody Horror International Film Festival in 2016.


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